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He closes his eyes and bows his head in prayer. 'Wow,' said the yellow carded striker. 'That is the most thoughtful and touching thing I've ever seen. You truly are a kind man. I'll never think badly of a referee again.' The referee replies, 'Thanks lad, we were married nearly 30 years.' Five Funny Reasons to Become a Soccer Referee

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Don't step on the chickens. Three men die and come to the pearly gates. They swing open and they hear the voice of god booming: "Be welcome to heaven, but don't step on the chickens!" and as far as the eye can see there are chickens EVERYWHERE. One guy is like, "forget this!"

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Benedict says, "that's too bad, I spoke to Satan and he said he'd do everything he can to help Germany win." The game starts, and Francis says, "is that referee Italian?" Benedict says, "Yep. Hail Satan."

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A list of 18 Referee puns! (A bit of context first, but you can skip this paragraph if you want). An hour or so ago, I was playing a div 1 co-ed soccer game.

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An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman are drinking in a bar... -You know - says the Englishman - I have 10 sons. That is almost a soccer team. -That's nothing. - says the Irishman - I have 14 sons. That is almost a rugby team. -Well - says the Scotsman - I have 17 daughters.

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A big list of soccer jokes! 92 of them, in fact! Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! Soccer Jokes. ... A soccer referee picks up his phone during a match.

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What did the bad soccer announcer get for Christmas? COOOOOOOALL! Soccer is the only sport that’s not a game of inches. It’s a game of feet. Why do goalkeepers spend ages on the internet? Because they can’t stop saving their work. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Wanda. Wanda who? Wanda buy a new soccer ball? Knock, knock. Who’s there? Dozen. Dozen who?

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Three old football fans are in a church praying for their teams. The first one asks, “Oh Lord when will Manchester City stop buying the refs?”. God Replies, “In the next five years.” “But I’ll be dead by then,” says the man. The second one asks, “Oh Lord, when will Manchester United stop buying the refs?”. The Good Lord – answers, “In the next ten years.” “But I’ll be dead by then,” says the man.

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So take a few of these jokes, tell them to your soccer friends, and get on with the serious business of laughing together! You’ll all soon be rolling around in laughter. Child-friendly jokes. I’ve also made sure this list of jokes is suitable for kids and adults alike. So check out the jokes below and enjoy a good few laughs! 50 Funniest ...