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Referee (association football) - Wikipedia

In the sport of association football, the referee is the person responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Laws of the Game during a match.

Soccer Referee do? (with pictures)

A soccer referee officiates at a soccer game, which involves enforcing the rules of the game, making sure the ball is OK, and ...

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Feel the soccer fever ... 14 Skills Needed to be a Great Forward in Soccer.

Soccer Referee Tips & Training

We develop and maintain the highest standard of officiating and promote the game of soccer and the spirit of fair play among all participants.

referee's duties and responsibilities | Football Knowledge

In professional football matches, the game is controlled by four officials: the referee, two assistant referees, and the fourth official.

Soccer Referee | Work - Chron.com

A soccer referee does more than wear a striped shirt and blow a whistle.

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Resume For High School Soccer Referee Example resume soccer goalkeeperaly burns msu class of 2017.