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A crossover dribble can be done in many different variations and used for many various purposes. It is among the most common dribbles you will see in any basketball game. The basic principle of a crossover is dribbling the ball from one hand to the other.

4 Dribble Moves To Complement A Killer Crossover

Dribble Move #1 - Cross Over / Through Legs. Here is the right side: Dribble Moves At Chair - Cross, Through Legs (Right) from Breakthrough Basketball on Vimeo. Here is the left side: Dribble Moves At Chair - Cross, Through Legs (Left) from Breakthrough Basketball on Vimeo. - Keep the ball low on your cross over.

6 Basketball Moves You Need to Beat Any Defender

6 Basketball Moves You Need to Beat Any Defender. 1. Crossover Dribble. The crossover involves bouncing the basketball in front of you from one hand to the other. It’s most often used when a player ... 2. Through the Legs Dribble. 3. Behind the Back Dribble. 4. Hesitation Dribble. 5. In-and-Out ...

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Basketball Dribbling Technique #2: Retreat. The retreat dribble is most commonly used to create space against an overly aggressive defender who is putting tremendous pressure on the ball handler.

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Keep your body low as you move forward to your left. Behind the Back. If you want to change directions while keeping a good view of the entire court, a behind the back dribble can be effective. If you want to move to your left, begin dribbling with your right hand. To execute this dribble you need to place your hand on the side of the ball.

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The toughest players to stop are the ones who have the best dribble moves. The most important of all the basketball dribbling moves is also one that many players never practice. As a result of not practicing it, they either don’t use it, or can’t use it in games. The move is the pullback or back dribble.

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“The Shammgod” is a dribble move where the player throws the ball out in front of his body, and pulls it back with the opposite hand. It is a move that is used by many of the elite NBA dribblers today. When they name a move after you, you know you have left your mark as a great dribbler.

50 Basketball Dribbling Drills (Develop an Amazing Handle)

Dribbling the basketball a couple of inches off the ground with your left hand. 17. Pound Dribble – Waist High – Right Hand. Making sure to be in stance, pound the ball as hard as you can into the ground at around waist hight with only your right hand. 18. Pound Dribble – Waist High – Left Hand.