volleyball-coaching-gear,blackjack app conducted a condition assessment of the existing cladding to provide Western Illinois University (WIU) with recommendations for repair or replacement. The condition assessment consisted of a limited document review, visual survey, water leakage testing, and infrared thermal scanning of the cladding.

kabaddi-ka,blackjack app prepared bid documents to assist WIU in soliciting competitive bids for the re-cladding and roof replacement for the building. blackjack app assisted WIU in evaluating the bids received in order to select the successful bidder. blackjack app assisted WIU project management in the review of the monthly pay applications and percentage of work completed. blackjack app provided ongoing observation of the work and assisted WIU project management in the preparation and review of RFPs and COs to the project. blackjack app’s work effort resulted in bringing the project in on time and budget with less than 1% change orders to the original general contract.