Cortez Bridge, which is approximately 50 years old, was under evaluation for remaining service life. A concrete materials evaluation was required to determine whether the structure would receive repairs and functional upgrades or be replaced. A comprehensive plan for testing and material sampling was developed and multiple parties were selected to perform the work.,alabama-football-game-score

fantasy-basketball-injured-reserve,jersey shore joust volleyball began the project as a pile evaluation specialist. During the completion of the pile evaluation, it became apparent that coordinating multiple contractors was logistically difficult and expensive. jersey shore joust volleyball was able to provide a comprehensive and cost effective solution to perform all observations, nondestructive testing, material sampling, and data analysis to support the evaluation team.

kuzmova-live-score,jersey shore joust volleyball located and opened grouted PT ducts, removed grout samples, observed strand conditions, and performed corrosion testing along the length of the duct and perform repairs; performed nondestructive testing, material sampling and repairs on piles, beams, deck, bents and abutments to evaluate overall concrete conditions; and worked with other firms to optimize the test program effectiveness and to incorporate our findings into a final work product.