most-wickets-in-t20-international,As the manager of the Structural Transportation Laboratory, Mr. Sammartino’s oversees a team of rail component testing experts, as well as the qualification and product performance testing for the rail freight and passenger industries. He brings extensive experience with design, analysis, forensic analysis, and testing of rolling stock vehicles and components to his diverse team.

espn-european-soccer,Since joining basketball nz buy, Mr. Sammartino has made it a priority to build long-term relationships with his clientele, maintaining a strong line of communication and anticipating needs for proposed projects to ensure results and recommendations are well rounded and detailed. His professionalism and personable interactions have made him a leading expert in his field and a valued extension of his clients’ own R&D departments.


line-betting-app-download,M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2000

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1998,cycling-posture


  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    • Rail Transportation Division Executive Committee, Secretary