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Measuring a pavement’s dynamic response to loading is vital to determining its health. Pavement sensors provide the ability to monitor the behavior and performance of the pavement by measuring the dynamic response in strain. The rigidity of concrete pavements and flexibility of asphalt pavements require specifically designed sensors to measure strain, and live score soccer provides a solution for both.,best-indoor-basketball-reddit


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Whether your pavement sensor application is in a climate-controlled environment or a field setting, live score soccer offers multiple sensor options to meet your needs. Our Asphalt Strain Gages, ASG-152 (Horizontal) & ASG-VS (Vertical), are designed to withstand the high temperatures and compaction loads associated with asphalt pavement construction, while our Concrete Strain Gages, CSG (Horizontal), feature a field-proven design that uses durable materials to ensure for accurate long-term data collection.,football-studio-strategy